Tips for Emailing Cell Phones

Here are a few tips to consider when sending emails to cell phones:

  • If using your cell phone to send email to another cell phone, be aware that data rates may apply.
  • Be aware that your recipient may not have a text plan and may be charged for receiving text messages.
  • Make sure the recipient's cell phone is equipped to receive text messages, otherwise emailing won't work. 
  • Keep your email messages short and concise.  Text messages are limited to 160 characters, and your recipient may be charged for multiple texts if you send a long email.  Play it safe by stating your most important points first, just in case the e-mail gets cut short.
  • Be careful with e-mailing media files (i.e. pictures, video, etc.).  Your recipient might not have a media messaging plan and may be charged extra.
  • Have fun!  Emailing a cell phone is a great alternative for people who don't have text messaging plans!

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